Being Unproductive, Enjoying Things

I have an endless list of items I need to do, ranging in difficulty from a five minute phone call to reviewing my editor's notes on my latest book (sorry, Meghan!)

So, what am I doing? Well, I'm not relaxing. I'm rushing through every free moment - jumping through the shower, wolfing down meals, wearing out the fast forward button while watching Premier League games, and definitely not proofreading this post (sorry again, Meghan!!)

I'm the proud parent of a newborn, a toddler, and a dog who thinks she's a human teenager. I never thought I would be here - health issues and years of financial idiocy almost robbed me of this experience. I love my little family. People on the street, when not decrying my baby's lack of a hat, frequently tell me, "ENJOY IT!"

This is well-intentioned but entirely unnecessary.

I'm fortunate enough to take time off from working to focus on my young family. My mother never had that option, let alone decent maternity leave. I value the moments in this bubble I've constructed, knowing they are slipping away even as they occur. Knowing these things is why I haven't been to the movies, gotten my glasses fixed, or coordinated my socks in weeks. Strangers don't need to tell me to enjoy these moments - I know how lucky I am, how rare this experience is in the United States.

The cost of these moments is my "productivity", and that's ok. I'm sorry for ignoring your emails, not wanting to chat on the phone, and generally not fulfilling my non-child, non-health obligations. I'm busy forgetting baby hats and enjoying moments.