The Book Blurb

"Are we giving up now?!"  Photo by Norah Woodsey  

"Are we giving up now?!" Photo by Norah Woodsey 

When I look at books to read, I skim the blurb but ultimately base my decision on a random page. This has served me well as a reader and, this week, utterly failed me as a writer. 

Faced with the task of writing 100-150 word blurb, I knew it would be tricky. I didn't anticipate it would be this bad. I remember writing this sort of short, snappy "sales copy" pieces for famous or at least existing books in a high school English class. I found the assignment challenging, and in those instances I only had a small grade depending on the outcome. My own book? My first book? SMH.

I've enlisted help, so for now I'll stop staring at the word "conscripted" and wondering if it feels right. I'm going to step away, enjoy someone else's writing, and have a snack. But I know one thing - I'll never look at the back cover of a book with disinterest again.